Best Surf Spots in the North Aegean 

Gökçeada, located off the coast of Çanakkale, is an ideal spot for travellers looking for a peaceful holiday and an exceptional surfing experience in the Aegean. Gökçeada, ‘the world's first and only Cittaslow island’ since 2011, hosts thousands of surfers yearly. With its strong winds, the island offers a long surfing season and has the perfect conditions for windsurfing for 300 days. Aydıncık Beach is the most popular surfing spot on the island. Saros Bay is another ideal location for both windsurfing and kitesurfing in Çanakkale. The currents at the bottom of the gulf, located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, enable it to clean itself. For Turkaegean surfers and kitesurfers, Ayvalık is a hidden gem. With crystal-clear Aegean waters and strong winds, this beautiful district offers outstanding experiences for all who like to surf or kitesurf.


Alaçatı: Where the heart of surf beats

Çeşme, located on the west coast of the İzmir Peninsula, is a must-see for surfers. Alaçatı, connected to Çeşme, is known as one of the ‘best surfing spots in the world’. It is becoming the world's windsurfing centre with perfect wind, weather conditions, sandy ground, and shallow and sheltered waters. The PWA Windsurf World Cup, where the world's best surfers compete, has been organised in Alaçatı many times recently. The beachfront is lined with big windsurf clubs and training centres in Alaçatı, so surfers will have no trouble renting surf equipment. Urla, another holiday destination, is a top spot for kitesurfing. With its strong winds, Urla meets all the requirements for an outstanding kitesurfing experience. It’s also home to many surf training facilities and private classes. The kitesurfing beach is located about 6 kilometres from the centre of Gülbahçe, in a vast wetland with shallow waters suitable for beginners. On a windy day, after enjoying the water and watching the sunset on the beach, you can taste the delicious local cuisine in Urla’s restaurants and taverns.


Surf Paradises of Southern Aegean

Another windy bay for surfers is located in Muğla's Datça district in the South Aegean. Datça houses a facility that serves only for surf activities. The facility welcomes surfers during the surfing season, which runs from May to September. After surfing in Datça, surfers can enjoy the beautiful sunset in the ancient city of Knidos, located at the peninsula's tip. Dalaman Sarıgerme, which conquers the hearts of sports enthusiasts with the region's strong winds, is another vital surf destination with its kiteboarding, windsurfing, sea kayak clubs and training centres. The Bodrum Peninsula in the South Aegean is a four-season tourist and surfer destination famous for its luxurious and boutique hotels, vibrant nightlife, and turquoise sea. Akyarlar Bay, located west of the peninsula, draws attention with its windsurfing opportunities. The bay is perfect for skilled surfers with deep waters and strong winds. Located north of Marmaris, Akyaka is one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Türkiye. With its three-kilometre surfing track, sandy shallow waters, and enduring thermal winds, Akyaka is a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful vacation.