In the international event held as part of the "Cappadocia Balloon and Culture Route Festival", the balloons rose to the sky one after the other after the preparations started early in the morning. Experienced pilots masterfully managed the hot air balloons designed in different colours and models unique for the festival in the skies of Cappadocia, while the dance of the balloons in the mystical landscapes of the fairy chimneys, which is unique in the world, fascinated the audience.


Türkiye Cultural Road Festivals this year in 11 different cities…


Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Türkiye since 2021, the Türkiye Culture Route Festivals started on August 5th in Cappadocia. Organised as one of the world's most comprehensive culture and arts projects, the Turkish Culture Route Festivals will be held in 11 provinces this year. Following the Cappadocia Balloon and Cultural Road Festival held on 5-13 August, festivals will be held in Türkiye's Trabzon, Erzurum, Çanakkale, Gaziantep, Ankara, Konya, Istanbul, Diyarbakır, İzmir and Antalya provinces, respectively.


Türkiye Cultural Road Festivals Program:

Cappadocia Balloon and Culture Route Festival – Nevşehir            05-13 August 2023

Sümela Culture Route Festival – Trabzon                                         19-27 August 2023

Palandöken Culture Route Festival – Erzurum                                  19-27 August 2023

Troya Culture Route Festival – Çanakkale                                         09-17 September 2023

Gastroantep Culture Route Festival – Gaziantep                              16-24 September 2023

Başkent Culture Route Festival – Ankara                                           16 September – 01 October 2023

Konya Mystical Music Festival – Konya                                              23-30 September 2023

Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival – İstanbul                                          30 September – 15 October 2023

Sur Culture Route Festival – Diyarbakır                                              14-22 October 2023

Efes Culture Route Festival – İzmir                                                      28 October – 05 November 2023

Antalya Culture Route Festival – Antalya                                             04-12 November 2023