Back from long summer vacations, İstanbul's residents and visitors take advantage of the lovely fall weather to explore the city's parks and outdoor spaces and its many museums, galleries and cultural venues. The Bosphorus reflects the changing colours of the new season, inspiring visits to the city’s iconic restaurants, cafes, and newly opened venues. On these sunny October days, when we can reconnect with the city, let’s explore İstanbul and its wide selection of experiences.


Journey to the Historical İstanbul

It becomes clear that İstanbul is one of the world's most ancient cities while you are exploring the city's bustling streets and picturesque lanes. As the former capital of the Eastern Roman and Ottoman Empires, İstanbul presents a unique perspective on the past and the present – and you can observe first-hand how this modern and energetic metropolis arose at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. The always lively Historical Peninsula takes on a different ambience in October, freshened by the breezes on three sides from the Bosphorus, the Marmara Sea and the Golden Horn. The Historical Peninsula offers a wealth of historical sites, including the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern and Topkapı Palace. At the same time, across the Golden Horn, the Galata Tower’s observation deck has panoramic views of the city in its autumn glory. You’ll find yet another splendid Bosphorus viewpoint at the newly restored Maiden’s Tower, now welcoming visitors as a museum.


More than 1,000 Events on the Beyoğlu Culture Road

İstanbul, which draws attention all year with its festivals, music, nightlife, and vibrant pace, blooms in autumn with art and cultural events. The transition from September to October marks the beginning of the city’s most comprehensive culture and art event, the Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival. Running until October 15, this autumn’s Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival carries the city’s entire cultural heritage into the future, with dozens of venues in the Beyoğlu hosting various cultural and artistic events. More than one thousand events are organised across numerous platforms, including the striking Atatürk Cultural Centre (AKM) in Taksim Square. At the İstanbul Cinema Museum in Beyoğlu, the recently opened “Star Wars Collection Fans of the Galaxy Exhibition” is the most comprehensive, bringing together over six hundred pieces from the Star Wars universe designed by Star Wars fans over forty years.


Visiting İstanbul’s Museums in Autumn is a Transformative Experience...

The city’s museums are among the highlights of İstanbul's autumn art and culture scene. The İstanbul Archaeological Museums, set in the garden of Topkapı Palace and where archaeology comes alive, house one of the world’s richest collections. The İstanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Türkiye’s first plastic arts museum, presents an illuminating perspective on Turkish art history from the late 19th century to the late twentieth century, the last periods of the Ottoman Empire. The newly opened Hagia Sophia History Museum, a few steps from the iconic Hagia Sophia, takes visitors on an unforgettable journey through the approximately seventeen-hundred-year history of this important building, offering visitors a one-of-a-kind immersive exploration of the Hagia Sophia’s storied history. Türkiye’s first modern and contemporary art museum, the İstanbul Modern, now housed in a dramatic Renzo Piano-designed structure overlooking the Bosphorus, hosts acclaimed temporary exhibitions and the most innovative examples of modern Turkish art.


Exceptional Discovery: İstanbul Cuisine

Along with its other assets, İstanbul is also famed for its gastronomy. This Michelin-starred gastro-city is not only home to illustrious Michelin-starred restaurants. It is also a centre where the country's distinct culinary heritage is displayed in street delicacies, venerable restaurants, and dining establishments serving the finest examples of local and global cuisine. Mild October evenings create an utterly unique experience of savouring the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine and Turkish wines amidst a dazzling backdrop of the historical Bosphorus.