Bozcaada: A Peaceful Heaven for City-Escapees

Bozcaada is a well-preserved Aegean gem located off the coast of Çanakkale. Bozcaada, known as Tenedos in mythological texts, is noted for its crystal-clear waters, vineyards, and wines. The first landmark seen when arriving on the island, which is easily accessible by ferries departing from Geyikli Pier, is the Bozcada Castle. You can visit this castle and take pictures of the stunning island scenery. The other must-see attractions on the island are the Bozcaada Museum, Ayazma Monastery, Windmills, and Virgin Mary Church. If you visit the island during the summer, the sparkling waves of the Aegean Sea will be waiting for you. Ayazma Beach and Aquarium Bay are two of the most popular swimming spots on the island. Bozcaada also offers a range of outdoor activities. You can enjoy the sea and wind by windsurfing at Çayır Beach or discover underwater life by diving in the blue depths in the tranquil coves. Another thing to do in Bozcaada is to visit the Polente Lighthouse and windmills located on the island's westernmost tip. Enjoying Bozcaada's famous wines while watching the sunset is an experience you will never forget. Bozcaada also offers unique vineyard routes with its vineyards and ancient winemaking traditions dating back 3,000 years. On the Bozcaada Vineyard Route, you can visit wineries and taste wines from the island's four endemic grape varieties. Also, the island hosts the Vineyard Festival every year in the first weeks of September.

The world's first and only "Cittaslow" island: Gökçeada

Gökçeada in the Northern Aegean, off the Gallipoli Peninsula, is a picturesque Turkeagean with authentic villages, warm winds, goats roaming the hills, a clean sea, and long beaches. With all of these features, the island has been the world's first and only "Cittaslow" island since 2011. Gökçeada, one of the destinations with the most pristine coves and beaches in Türkiye, offers opportunities for diving, surfing, and swimming in its long beaches and turquoise waters. You will understand why thousands of surfers visit Gökçeada every year once you learn that the island has all the perfect conditions for windsurfing for 300 days. You can swim and windsurf at Aydıncık Beach, with its 1200-metre-long beach and golden sand in Gökçeada. Gizli Liman, Laz Bay, Yıldız Bay, and Mavi (Blue) Bay are the island's other pristine beaches. Gökçeada combines a unique lifestyle with tranquillity and is also well-known for its architecture and cuisine. The most attractive villages on the island, Kaleköy, Zeytinli, Tepeköy, Bademli, and Dereköy, are captivating with their centuries-old trees, hills, and authentic stone houses. The renovated stone buildings that function as the villages' hotels, cafes, and restaurants are well worth a visit.

 A Fairy Tale in the TurkAegean: Cunda

Cunda, an island in the North Aegean that is beautiful in all seasons, is also known as Ali Bey Island. With its connection to the mainland by a short bridge, Cunda has very accessible access. The Taksiyarhis Church is a must-see attraction on the island. After restoration in 2011, the Neoclassical church, built in 1873, regained its original beauty: Today, the building functions as the Ayvalık Rahmi M. Koç Museum. Soaking up the view from the Aşıklar Hill, tasting the Cunda delicacies in the courtyards of stone houses after wandering the cobblestone streets, swimming in the famous clean waters (Aquarium or Green Bay) of the island, and watching the colourful sunsets that paint the whole island red are among the must-have experiences on this island. Cunda is known for its tasty mezes and salads prepared with herbs so you can taste some of the best food and mezes in the Aegean on this island. Don't forget to try the island’s olive oil dishes like the samphire (Deniz börülcesi) and artichoke while watching the sunset by the sea. During your trip to Cunda, you can also try the papalina, the island's particular fish.