Stunning Spring Landscapes

The Bosporus Strait is undoubtedly one of İstanbul’s most beautiful sights at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. On the boat tours along this sparkling waterway, you can savour the season’s scents and colours while observing the historic mansions lining the Bosphorus shore, each picturesque villa with its own centuries-old story. A Bosphorus tour from a coastal neighbourhood such as Eminönü and Üsküdar reveals how the redbuds – also known as the flowers of İstanbul – paint both sides of the city in vivid pink and purple hues. İstanbul’s storied towers, among the city’s most iconic structures, also offer an ideal perch for stunning skyline views: The Maiden’s Tower, now serving as a museum after an extension restoration, bestows vistas of this immortal city from a Bosphorus perspective. In Karaköy, the İstanbul Modern, set in a building designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, overlooks the breathtaking Bosphorus and the Historical Peninsula beyond. It is worth noting that the dramatic İstanbul Modern was recognized as the “Building of the Year” in the cultural architecture category by ArchDaily, one of the world’s leading architecture platforms.  


A Festival of Tulips and Mimosas

The Princes’ Islands are another popular locale for relishing İstanbul’s spring views. On İstanbul’s Asian side and easily accessible by ferry, the Princes’ Islands feature lush green hills and winding streets shaded by mimosa trees, historic mansions and airy taverns serving rakı-fish-meze – the good life, just a short ferry ride from the city. Perhaps the most splendid spring sights in İstanbul are the city’s famous tulips, which, every April, blossom by the millions in a profusion of colours across numerous parks and gardens, from Gülhane Park to Emirgan Grove and from Fethipaşa Grove to Soğanlı Botanical Park.  


İstanbul’s Treasures Waiting to be Discovered

İstanbul, with its millennia-long history, captivates travellers from the moment they arrive. With its monumental structures and new attractions, this ageless city never runs out of stories for its visitors. Revitalised cultural sites, museums with famous architects’ signatures, distinctive exhibitions, historic buildings restored and reopened and İstanbul’s legendary food culture...  Even if you’ve limited time in İstanbul, we recommend visiting the city’s heart, the Historical Peninsula. There is so much to discover from the Hagia Sophia to the Grand Bazaar and from the Basilica Cistern to the Topkapı Palace! Another must-see route in İstanbul is the stretch from Karaköy to Taksim Square, a path lined with architectural wonders. You’ll see the dynamism of the city and its vibrant streets bloom in concert with nature under the springtime sun.


Gourmet Explorations

Another reason to visit İstanbul in spring is to partake in the seasonal fare: As artichokes, okra, strawberries, plums and other springtime vegetables and fruits start to appear in kitchens, İstanbul, a coastal city, feasts on the season’s catch fish like striped mullet and bluefish. As a gastro-city, İstanbul offers diverse ways and places to enjoy this bounty, from street food to the best examples of Turkish and international cuisine and from casual cafes to fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants. You can savour the flavours of İstanbul’s culinary diversity, prepared with seasonal local ingredients and centuries-old recipes.