Peaceful yet cool; Meet İstanbul's Anatolian side

İstanbul’s Prince Islands have a surprising aura

Prince Islands, right next to İstanbul, offers an ideal environment for those who want to experience both the tranquillity of island life and the sparkle of İstanbul. Among the vast blues of the Sea of Marmara, close to the Anatolian side of İstanbul, the Prince Islands are known for their beautiful nature, the light breeze carrying the weight of dizzying mimosas, historical mansions some of which had hosted Türkiye’s most famous writers.


A string of historical neighbourhoods running parallel to the Bosphorus

When you get off the ferry in Üsküdar and head straight to Anadolu Hisarı, you will see beautiful neighbourhoods and elegant buildings that are hundreds of years old. Kuzguncuk, your first stop, will amaze you with its colourful and centuries-old buildings lined-up among the Bosphorus, giant plane trees, the historical orchards where vegetables and fruits are still planted, the church, synagogue, and mosques, as well as lovely cafés. Beylerbeyi, one of İstanbul's oldest stops in Bosphorus, captivates visitors with its coastline and historical palace. Beylerbeyi Palace, located right below the bridge that connects the two sides, is the iconic symbol of the neighbourhood. The palace impresses visitors with its location overlooking the Bosphorus, architecture combining Eastern and Western styles, and atmosphere that shifts in 4 seasons. Most people know Çengelköy, another historical district of Üsküdar, for its coastline and the small historical tea garden overlooking the bridge and the Bosphorus. This tea garden is a beautiful spot to have Turkish tea with a simit and enjoy the stunning Bosphorus view. Çengelköy is also famous for its centuries-old mansions, picturesque neighbourhoods and fish restaurants where you can enjoy mezes with tasty seafood.


Kadıköy: One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World

Kadıköy is widely regarded as the most popular neighbourhood of the Anatolian side. It's unsurprising since Kadıköy was twice named one of the world's "coolest neighbourhoods" in 2019 and 2021. With its cafes, pubs, restaurants, wine houses, and taverns, Kadıköy has become one of İstanbul's social hubs in recent years. In Kadıköy, however, there is always more to discover and experience. Kadıköy, a city within a city, welcomes you with antique shops, record stores, second-hand bookshops, a century-old pharmacy, and even an opera house. The Süreyya Opera House, which attracts attention with its architecture, opens its doors to guests on performance evenings like a decorative ornament in the heart of Bahariye Street. Whether on foot or by the nostalgic tram, continuing down the street will lead you to the beautiful neighbourhood of Moda by the sea. You can enjoy a glass of tea or coffee from Moda Pier's café while admiring the breathtaking view. Or, if you want to experience Moda as a local, you can picnic on the seafront during a warm summer evening and watch the sunset from here.


Bağdat Street: It’s More Than A Street

The 14-kilometre-long Bağdat Street, the most luxurious street on the Anatolian Side, is also renowned as one of the finest shopping boulevards in the world. The street, which runs between the districts of Kadıköy and Bostancı, is home to many local and international fashion and design brands. On the street, where you can enjoy a long walk while viewing the shop windows, you can also discover all the tastes one may look for, from gourmet to local and international cuisine.