Galataport Istanbul received a special award at the MAPIC 2023 Awards in Cannes, France. Securing the top spot in the 'Best New Development Project' category, Galataport Istanbul was honoured according to its’ innovation through new technologies, environmental and local impact, retail mix, and architectural features that aim to increase footfall, customer satisfaction, average spending and the unique experience offered in a new shopping destination.

Galataport Istanbul boasts a local and international brand mix, offering guests a diverse and unique experience. It stands out as a rich gastronomy center, with 40% allocated to dining establishments. It houses not only Türkiye’s most important retail groups and investors but also major international brands. Paket Postanesi, which is one of Galataport Istanbul’s symbolic monuments in this respect, carries Karaköy’s multicultural trade and artisanship to the present. This is achieved through fashion, design, gastronomy and jewellery artisans who have branched out from İstanbul to the world. Bringing together different audiences in the same space, it hosts open-to-all arts and culture events and two prominent art museums in Türkiye.

 Karaköy, an Outstanding Discovery with a View of the Bosphorus

Located near the Galata Bridge and down the tower of the same name, Karaköy covers an area from the banks of the Golden Horn to the Bosporus. One of the oldest and most historic districts of İstanbul and an important commercial centre and transport hub, Karaköy today is a hotspot blossoming with new art, design, and dining spaces to explore while presenting traditional and architectural neighbourhood characteristics.

If you are a cruise passenger arriving at the Galaport, the spectacular view of the Bosporus welcomes you while docking to Karaköy. If you are on foot, walking across İstanbul's famed Galata Bridge is one of the best ways to get to Karaköy's port region. Transforming the historical port of İstanbul into a vibrant gastronomy, culture, arts and shopping neighbourhood, Galataport is also home to İstanbul’s two very famous museums.

İstanbul Modern, Türkiye’s first modern and contemporary art museum, is located on the grounds of Galataport İstanbul. Renzo Piano, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect, designed the building by getting inspired by the glittering waters of the Bosphorus and its reflections of light. İstanbul Modern exhibits the works of international and local artists performing in different disciplines. The museum also hosts exhibitions of modern and contemporary art worldwide in its permanent and temporary exhibition spaces.

The İstanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Türkiye's first plastic arts museum, is also in the same neighbourhood. The museum provides a significant overview of Turkish art history from the late Ottoman Empire in the late nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century. There are 10,497 paintings, 719 sculptures, 257 ceramics, 182 calligraphies, 10 icons, and one installation in the museum's collection.

Karaköy exemplifies İstanbul's energy and multicultural structure. The vibrant neighbourhood is also noted for its historically and architecturally significant mosques, churches and synagogues. The Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque and the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church are among the historical landmarks in the neighbourhood.