Embracing the Beauty of Nature with Activity

Nature treks in a spectacular woodland environment are just a few attractions for visitors to Ida Mountain, a location with one of the world’s highest levels of oxygen. Kaz Dağı National Park, spanning 21,000 hectares and home to numerous endemic species, vegetation, and animals, offers a variety of hiking trails. The area is a popular destination in Türkiye for nature lovers. Hikes on Mount Ida deliver lovely natural wonders at every step. The area’s most popular trekking paths include Hasanboğuldu Pond, the Şahindere Canyon, Sütuven, and the Mıhlı Waterfalls. Nature lovers can enjoy picnics in authorised locations along the trails, observe wildlife with binoculars and immortalise these scenic images in photographs, drawings or other art. Camping offers another route to connecting with Mount Ida's breathtaking natural beauty. Set up your tent in the designated spots, listen to the birds and sleep under the stars while inhaling fresh mountain air. Furthermore, several of Mount Ida's camping areas allow visitors to stay in tree huts. 


Traditional Heritage Discoveries

Discovering villages nestled amid lush green nature is another one-of-a-kind Mount Ida experience. The mountain range is home to twelve picturesque villages, each featuring traditional homes and cafes serving local dishes. Travellers seeking more comfortable accommodation can stay in boutique hotels or pensions in the villages’ old stone houses. The most well-known villages in Çanakkale are Yeşilyurt and Adatepe


Yeşilyurt is an oxygen storehouse with stone houses, cobbled streets, and slopes covered with almond and olive trees. The village is also known for its local flavours, especially its breakfasts featuring olives and olive oil-infused delicacies. 


The village of Adatepe in Küçükkuyu, Çanakkale, has emerged as a popular tourist destination thanks to the restoration of its traditional houses. While visiting this peaceful village, don’t miss the Olive Oil Museum and the Altar of Zeus. At the entrance to Küçükkuyu, the museum depicts the venerable history of olive oil, a substance as valuable today as it was in antiquity. Near Adatepe is the Altar of Zeus, allegedly set on the site where Zeus watched the Trojan War. The area’s sunrise and sunset views, which embrace nature and the sea, also enchant. While exploring the villages around Mount Ida, stop by the markets and bazaars selling local and regional products, including handicrafts and organic foods.  


On the Çanakkale stage of Mount Ida, you can explore the ancient city of Troy – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is believed to be where the Trojan War, described in Homer's Iliad, took place. In addition to exhibiting reflections on one of the world’s most ancient legends, the impressive Troy Museum displays artefacts from archaeological excavations that illustrate the lives and cultures of those who settled in the region.