Ordu: The Beautiful Harmony of Blue and Green

Ordu, with its dazzling coastline, lush nature, time-defying historical sites, and tasty gastronomic specialities, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Black Sea region. The Ordu highlands offer visitors various activities, including camping, caravanning, and trekking. Çambaşı, Perşembe, ve Keyfalan are the three most well-known plateaus of Ordu. The Perşembe Plateau in Ordu's Aybastı district is renowned for its meanders and offers stunning vistas. During the traditional highland festivals in July, competitions, folklore performances, concerts, social and cultural events, wrestling games, and horse races are held. The Çambaşı Plateau is a popular destination for travellers interested in outdoor activities. The Keyfalan Plateau, located in the southeast end of the Mesudiye district, captivates visitors with its clean air and water, natural animal products, and traditional plateau houses.


The Giresun Plateaus offer “A Piece of Heaven.”

Giresun, a typical Black Sea city with its culture, history, and beautiful landscape, is home to many natural gems that may be enjoyed year-round. And without a doubt, the Giresun plateaus are the most popular of all. The Kümbet Plateau, which hosts a festival every year on the second Sunday of July, is home to many dining and drinking venues and breath-taking scenery created by the changing vegetation. The Bektaş Plateau, located at the crossroads of the Dereli and Bulancak districts, attracts visitors with its natural and cultural gems. The plateau is also an original location for experiencing traditional highland life. The Sis Mountain Plateau in the Görele district has routes suitable for many outdoor activities, particularly mountaineering. The region's mineral water source, known as 'bitter water,' is unique to this plateau, identified by its foggy atmosphere.


The Trabzon Highlands amid nature

Trabzon, one of the most popular cities of the Black Sea, captivates visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich history. The Maçka-Şolma Plateau is at the top of the plateaus to explore in Trabzon. Surrounded by forests with lush greenery and flowing waters, serene nature, and various facilities, the plateau provides visitors with an environment where they can mentally and physically relax. Erikbeli Plateau, located 24 km south of Tonya, offers visitors a feast of picturesque scenery and unique fauna. The Lustra and Karester Plateaus, 20 km from Çaykara and high above Uzungöl, one of the most famous Black Sea tourist spots, are known for their lush grasslands and magnificent vistas.


Rize Highlands at the Foot of Kaçkar Mountains

Rize, the region's city most famous for its steep-sided valleys, flowing streams, historic castles, and delectable tea, is a true plateau paradise. The Ayder Plateau is the most well-known of the city's emerald-green plateaus.  Ayder, as one of Türkiye’s most famous plateaus, is located 19 km from Çamlıhemşin, leans on the Kaçkar Mountains and changes in beauty with the seasons among spruce, chestnut, beech, and fir forests. Long nature hikes are possible on the plateau, within walking distance of the Gürgendibi and Gelintülü Waterfalls.


Artvin Highlands: The Hidden Gems of the Black Sea Region

With its thousands of shades of green highlands, Artvin is one of the most important cities in the Black Sea region and Türkiye in highland tourism. Kaçkar and Kafkasör are two of Artvin's most well-known plateaus. The Kaçkar Plateau, located on the southern slope of Kaçkar Mountain and partly in Rize, offers excellent mountaineering opportunities. Wildlife can also be observed on the plateau, covered by vast forests and grassland areas. In the southwest of the city, on the Kafkasör Plateau, only 10 kilometres from the centre, are other attractions worth seeing.