Çanakkale: An Epic Underwater Journey

The Gallipoli Historic Underwater Park is one of the most important diving centres in the world, allowing the traces of the epic Çanakkale Wars to be seen underwater. In the underwater park of 150 square kilometres, diving at 14 different points at different depths is possible. In the region, which is also the best-preserved battlefield in the world, you can travel to more than a century of history with the shipwrecks at Layter, Arıburnu Barç, Helles Barç, Bone Barç, HMS Louis, Lundy, Hms Majestic, Massena, Saghalien and HMS Triumph. The most famous of these wrecks are the cargo ship Lundy and the armoured warship HMS Majestic. When it comes to Çanakkale, we should not forget Saros Bay, which is another diving route. It is known that more than 200 sea creatures live in the gulf, among the most unspoiled spots of the Aegean Sea, which cleans itself with strong currents.


You can enrich your diving adventure in Çanakkale by visiting the Ancient City of Troy, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, and the Troy Museum, the owner of the most prestigious awards in the field of museology in Europe. You can also visit Bozcaada and Gökçeada, two fascinating islands off Çanakkale; You can taste the region's flavours cooked with olive oil and the original wines.


Kaş: One of the Top 10 Diving Spots in the World

When you turn your route to Antalya, the pearl of the Turkish Riviera, you will encounter Türkiye's most popular diving spots. Fifteen diving spots in the region stand out with their colourful underwater fauna. With its underwater reefs, rocky areas and shipwrecks, Kaş offers divers unique experiences to observe endemic species.


Kaş, one of the most special diving areas of the region, is among the top 10 diving spots not only in Türkiye but also in the world. The famous diving centre of Kaş is the region called Canyon. Exploring the mysterious world of water by competing with fish in the canyon is an exceptional experience. Another canyon feature is the Dimitri Wreck which welcomes you into the depths. The Flying Fish, another Kaş classic, is the wreck of the Savoia-Marchetti SM79 model Italian bomber that was shot down during World War II. After diving in the waters of Antalya, you can visit countless ancient cities home to the Carian and Lycian civilisations and experience the famous trekking routes. On your lucky day, you can observe Mediterranean Seals and Caretta Caretta turtles while diving. Of course, you can also turn your time in the city into a feast by trying the exquisite flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to Kaş, you can also experience underwater with equipped diving boats in Kalkan, Kemer and Alanya.


Bodrum: An Experience in the Heart of the Aegean

Bodrum is another of the essential routes in Turkaegean for those who want to discover the underwater richness of Türkiye. The peninsula is home to many creatures in its crystal-clear waters, including fish, octopus, algae, seagrass and sea sponges. The region also has 20 diving spots where shipwrecks and walls that may belong to the ancient period can be observed. Bodrum's most popular diving spots are the Big and Small Reefs, where you can dive in the warm waters of all seasons. These reefs, which are only 200 meters apart and covered with aquatic life, are impressive.


Other excellent diving spot in Bodrum is Orak Island and Delikli Cave. Visiting the Bodrum Underwater Museum, where underwater finds in Türkiye are exhibited, promises significant experiences for underwater enthusiasts. In Bodrum, one of the most important holiday resorts in Türkiye, the to-do list is also quite long. In this paradise town of Muğla, you can enjoy the sun in the beautiful bays and experience the best examples of Turkish and world cuisine in the city's assertive restaurants. You can also make many archaeological discoveries in Bodrum, where the remains of the Tomb of Mausolus, considered one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World", are located.


Fethiye: A Real Underwater Paradise

Fethiye, among the favourite centres of summer holidays with its unique coves, award-winning beaches and dazzling views, is home to one of Türkiye's best diving spots, Aquarium Bay. The bay, which takes its name from the clarity of its water, is a suitable diving spot for experienced and beginners. Declared as a protected area in recent years, the bay is also ideal for night diving. You can admire the creatures that inhabit the blue depths in Aquarium Bay, known for its diversity of underwater life.


Another popular diving route in Fethiye is Afkule, which has arches covered with soft corals on the seabed, mysterious tunnels and deepening slopes. Afkule, a frequent destination for diving enthusiasts as it hosts many underground caves, different fish species, and sea plants, is also suitable for advanced divers. Adventurers exploring underwater in Fethiye can also explore Ölüdeniz, famous for its enchanting beach, and the Butterfly Valley, home to more than 80 butterfly species, and enjoy the region's unique flavours. Caretta Caretta turtles can be observed frequently in this region.