1. The 24. International Blacksea Theatre Festival will start on 2 May 2024 and will end on 15 May 2024.
  2. Each company should send full recording video of the performance (please note: this is obligatory) and documents of the performance (i.e. a full application form and related materials described in the application form.)
  3. The application deadline date is 20 January 2024.
  4. Each group should not exceed the maximum of 20 participants (incl. actors, actresses, technical and other staff). Groups with lesser number will be preferred.
  5. Accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the Trabzon State Theatre.
  6. Each company must determine and send information about the dates of arrival and departure, performance and duration in Trabzon. According to this information, performance dates will be mutually fixed. This information should be sent immediately after the application is confirmed.
  7. Hotel room placement/pairing schedule should be sent immediately after the application confirmed.
  8. Directors will stay in single rooms, other company members in double or triple rooms.
  9. Each group should send a summary of their performance/play (for translation into Turkish), by fax or e-mail immediately after the application is confirmed.
  10. Each group should bring their own national flag and the flag of their company as well as enough amount of brochures, photos (on CD) and any advertisement materials concerning the groups performance.
  11. Names, passport numbers and duty of the participant should be filled out completely and correctly.
  12. Any damage at the hotel is in the responsibility of the participating group and will be refunded from the group or the director.


APPLICATION FORM (Dead line 20 January 2024)



Company Name:

Company web address:





Contact Person (his/her position):


Brief Company History:



Performance/Play Name:



Designers (decor, costume, light, music, choreography…):


Brief description of the performance:  ( Synopsis)

 Primary discipline:



Cast list of the performance:



Total number of the group:

Names and duties of the members of the theater that will come to the festival:



  1. Does your performance have special requirements:
  2. Preferred dates of performance:
  3. Proposed venue/type of venue:
  4. Time required for:

     - Set:

     - Lights:

      - Sound:

  1. Size of required acting area:

     - Proscenium:                                                                                                

   - Backstage:

Technical specifications, stage & lighting plans:                                                 


  1. Full recording of performance (Applications without a record will not be accepted)

You can send the video via online transfer.       

  1. Photos on CD, brochures, posters, any other supporting documentation. Please send the photos by e-mail: [email protected]




Festival Coordinator

Mrs. Didem Erkek


Web site:               

Tel + Fax: +90 312 324 40 94

Adress: Devlet Tiyatroları Genel Müdürlüğü 06050 Ulus Ankara –Türkiye