At the summit, which aims to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing together the participants from the local and foreign entrepreneurship ecosystem and to make Türkiye a center of attraction for entrepreneurs and investors in this field, the semi-finals for local startups will be held in Ankara and İzmir this year. In the Ankara and İzmir stages, which will be held as Pre Take Off, local startups will bring together the pre-assessment presentations with the participants. The final event, aimed at international participants as well as local startups, will be held in İstanbul in December 2023.

The rich program of the Take Off Startup Summit will include panels, keynote talks, and startup presentations. At the same time, the summit, where one-on-one meeting areas are provided for investors, institutions and entrepreneurs for potential cooperation meetings, will offer private entrepreneurship workshops and international networking opportunities for the participants. Take Off is the most comprehensive entrepreneurship summit in the region, receiving thousands of applications every year from more than 100 countries, hosting more than 600 entrepreneurs, more than 400 mentors and investors and 140 speakers. A total of 1700 entrepreneur-mentor meetings have been held so far at the summit, which has been awarded more than 155 thousand dollars since 2018.

Total prize in Pre Take Off is 2 million 250 thousand TRY

In the pre-assessment presentations to be made at Pre Take Off, the startups that come first in their category will have the right to receive a total of 2 million 250 thousand TRY in cash support. The finalist startups will compete to win the grand prize at Take Off İstanbul.
In addition to the cash award, entrepreneurs will be offered many opportunities:

* Opening a stand in Pre-Take Off and in İstanbul
* 75.000 TRY for pre-mvp entrepreneurs who are the winner in Pre-Take Off category
* 150.000 TRY for mvp entrepreneurs who are the winner in the Pre-Take Off category
* Grand prize in Istanbul
* B2B negotiations
* Expert mentor interviews
* Investment meetings
* Taking part in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
* Opportunity to listen to respected speakers and attend conferences

You can visit for detailed information and application.